Mama started screen printing at 18. Always attracted to artsy fartsy type activities, printing on t-shirts quickly grew into a passion. At 19, she fell in love with dachshunds and it wasn't long before she merged her two loves. That's when Long Dog Apparel was born.

The summer of 2010, Mama discovered wiener dog races. And, well..... who doesn't love a racing wiener?!? One t-shirt design about dachshunds grew into 20 t-shirts and 2 dogs grew to 4. As more and more events requested doxie races, boutiques started to request items they could carry in-house. Suddenly, 11 years into the journey, what started as a hobby demanded more time than an hour or two here and there.

"Sometimes, glorified hobbies become a full-time gig..."‚Äč