Long Dog Apparel specializes in pet-themed apparel for humans.
Drawing inspiration from our own pets, we believe that everyone needs
a wardrobe that tells the world how much they love their pet.
Why? Because pets are awesome.
And what you wear should be, too.



I've been designing and making t-shirts since I was four or five. From paint to stencils and iron-ons, I've dabbled in every possible way to put an image on fabric. Thanks to a printmaking class in high school, I discovered screen-printing. And I've never looked back.

Believe it or not.... I grew up with cats. I was "THE" CAT LOVER all through elementary and middle school. It wasn't just cats - I loved (and still do) all animals. Working with animals in some way was my "dream job" but I also had this calling to do something artsy.  Lucky for me, I've found a way to merge the two together.

Tanya, Founder & Owner of Long Dog Apparel
When I was 19, I got my first dog - Harlie (a wiener dog). Not only did I instantly become obsessed with dogs, more importantly I became obsessed with dachshunds. In 2009, I entered Harlie in a wiener dog race and made "I Love my Wiener" shirts for the occasion. When we got there, everyone wanted to buy my shirts.  And that's when LONG DOG APPAREL was born.
Fast forward over a decade -- the business has grown from two t-shirt designs to over 75 apparel items, custom sewn pet accessories and a line of housewares. What was once just a glorified hobby is now a full-time business with followers from all over the world.
Our Motivational Speakers (or, barkers?)
Bregen (2011) • Leela (2017)

Sullivan (2019) • Queso (2020)
In Loving Memory: Lucky Dog
Born April 1, 2003 • Adopted May 9, 2010 • Set Free July 18, 2019
Run free my Lucky Dog.  We Love You.

In Loving Memory: Harlie
Born May 21, 2007 • Set Free August 27, 2022
Harlie was the inspiration behind Long Dog Apparel. Harlie was my first dog. They say that every time you loose a pet, they repair your broken heart with a piece of their own - I am so honored to have a little piece of my heart be as kind, loving & goofy as Harlie.