Face Mask Pattern

We developed a face mask pattern that is contoured to better fit! Normally we don't share our custom patterns, but in this case we all need to do our part to help! If you're a sewer, we welcome you to use our pattern!
What we use for materials:
Outer Fabric: 100% Quilters Cotton (or flannel)
We try to stay away from the lighter weight fabrics. If you have a JoAnn Fabrics close to you, the premium quilters cotton prints and novelty cotton prints work well - they are usually a higher thread count than "calicos."
Inner Filter: Pellon Interfacing -or- Embroider Stabilizer
Look for non-woven options, as they'll be more water resistant than wovens. Note that while these "filters" are not medical-grade, they are the closest alternative most people will have available right now. The other non-woven material that works well is the re-usable grocery totes (not the laminated ones).
Lining Fabric: 100% Cotton Quilt Backing
Elastic: 3/8" Cotton Swimwear Fabric
Elastic is next to impossible to find at the moment..... other things you may have laying around the house: an elastic headband, a shoelace (you could tie it at the back instead of an elastic band), a sweatpants drawcord, grosgrain ribbon (line texture instead of satin).
We cut out two pieces of each fabric and then layer them together as follows:
Lining - Filter - Print (up) - Print (down) - Filter - Lining
We then sew the nose/curved part of the pattern (where the 1/4" seam allowance is marked on the pattern). Then we open the mask and serge around the outside (three layers of materials).
If you don't have a serger, we recommend using a stitch pattern such as:
Last, we straight stitch the elastic to the mask ends - be sure to backstitch several passes to secure!