Face Mask Sizing

The best way to get the right fit, is to measure your face:

Measure from the back of your left ear, across your nose and to the back of your right ear. We recommend the following sizes for carious measurements:
10-11" Youth Small  /  11-12" Youth Medium  /  12-13" Juniors
13-14" Adult S/M  /  14-15.5" Adult M/L 
15.5"+ Adult M/L with Adjustable Ear Loops

All masks come standard with non-adjustable ear loops.
Adjustable ear loops are also available for purchase:

Click here to purchase.

We offer our Face Masks in 5 different sizes:
Youth Small
Fits MOST Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers
Band-to-Band Measurement: 9 1/2"
 Youth Medium
Fits MOST Elementary Age Children
Band-to-Band Measurement: 10 1/4"
Fits MOST Middle School Age Children & Petite Youth
Band-to-Band Measurement: 11 1/2"
 Adult S/M
Fits MOST Women
Band-to-Band Measurement: 12 1/2"
 Adult M/L
Fits MOST Men
Band-to-Band Measurement: 14"
*Some prints may not work well for youth sizes

*Please note that masks will fit faces differently