Dachshund Decal
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Dachshund Decal

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Our Decals are made from commercial CAD-CUT® Permanent P.S. Sign Vinyl

  • Recommended for general purpose permanent application: posters, show cards, banners, window graphics, hard goods
  • For indoor/outdoor use. Durable up to three years of outdoor life
  • Not recommended for use with microwave or dishwasher or near heat/flame source

Step 1: Clean area you'd like to apply decal to with soap & water. Be sure to rinse away all residue & let completely dry before applying decal.
Step 2: Remove masked graphic from liner and stick to center of application surface. Using firm and even pressure, squeegee the graphic from the center outward, past the edges of the design. If you don't have a vinyl squeegee, you can use your hand/fingers to apply pressure.
Step 3: Starting in a corner, peel back the masking tape at a 180° angle while pressing the tape against the graphic with your hand.
Step 4: Feel for any edges, bubbles, creases, or parts of the graphic that are not flat. Press down firmly with your hand and work out the problem area until the graphic is completely smooth.