To Blog or Not to Blog....

Okay, so here's the deal..... this whole idea of having a blog has been in my head for quite some time.  Not just like a week - I'm talking YEARS.  The kind of "thinking about it" that keeps you up at night.  So, that leads me to the question, "To Blog or Not to Blog."

While lying in bed one night a few months back (literally unable to fall asleep because I can't seem to shut my brain off), I decided, "ya know what.... I'm doing it!"  I have no idea if people even care what my opinion is, but we seem to get a lot of questions about dogs and dog things when we're at shows.  So, why the heck not?!?

There it is.  I've gone down the rabbit hole.  Now my laying in bed at night not being able to sleep because I can't decide if I should start a blog or not has turned into laying in bed at night not being able to sleep because I have to figure out what to blog about.  Great.  That's just what I need.  More reason to not sleep.  Meh, oh well, Sully is laying next to me cute as a button and I'm happy kissing that adorable face until I fall asleep.

Stay tuned.  The Long Dog Apparel blog is coming.  It might be great!  It might be a train-wreck.  Either way, stick around because you'll either love the content or you'll enjoy watching it go down in flames.  Entertainment at it's best!

There is ONE thing you can be sure of - you'll hear A LOT about my dogs.

Peace, Love & Dogs,

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